• How is Janine’s studio unique?

    Unlike most other studios in this area, Janine offers a unique approach:

    • I teach students not only how to play the piano, but to read music and speak the language of music so they can communicate it through their performances.
    • My students learn to be independent musicians, which increases their self confidence, not only in music, in other areas of they lives too.
  • What Technology is used?
    • Technology is a valuable tool that I use to enhance the learning experience in a variety of ways (music learning apps, lessons via Skye and FaceTime, using recordings for self evaluation and much more)
  • What musical styles does Janine teach?
    • Students in my studio are able to study a wide variety of musical styles, and I teach classical, pop, broadway, blues and more.
  • Performance Opportunities?
    • Students have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year in a variety of settings.
  • How longs is each lesson?
    • Students can choose 30 minutes lessons, 45 minute lessons, or hour lessons. 30 Minute lessons are for first and second year students, and once students reach their third year, they generally need to move into 45 minute lessons. We would discuss this when the time arrives.

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